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Are You a Family Caregiver?

Ready to take your life off "hold"?


5 STEPS to the Life You Want:

 A Quik Start Guide for Family Caregivers

"I traded feelings of resentment and loss to chart a new path to the life I always wanted. Caregiving remained challenging while life got easier and better and better. Take the 5 Steps pathway out of Oz and discover what your caregiving journey has to offer your future."

                  -- Tanya

        Author, Life Hacks for Family Caregivers:
               Be Your Own Coach and Beat Burnout

Tanya Staker, CCC, CCE, MSOD

Certified Caregiver Educator

Hi, I'm Tanya

Family caregivers come to me because they want to experience fulfilling lives while caring for an adult with a chronic medical condition. My life catapulted to a new level as a result of caring for my mom... but not right away.

My first six years as a caregiver followed a path of a continuous downward spiral; my physical health, mental health and career suffered. Reducing my sense of self to the caregiving role combined with the monotony of caregiving tasks was soul numbing. I fell asleep on my life. But six years in, I woke up, found my way out of Oz and today my life is better than it has ever been. 

I am now on a mission. I want every caregiver who wants out of their own Oz of a debilitating, soul numbing caregiving life to find their way home. It only takes a few things - a clear destination, a system, and a community.

When as caregiver I had gotten so down that the only way to go was up, I charted my path to change. With 20+ years of experience behind me, I became my own coach. Caregiving became a powerful catalyst ensuring my mother's and our collective well being throughout the many twists and turns of engaging with medical, legal and financial systems, family dynamics and more. 

I did not travel my caregiving journey alone. The caregiver friends I met along the way are near and dear to my heart. My work now is to provide that same support to caregivers looking for a change. 

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