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Color Q for Caregivers Coming May 15

Take Advantage of Special Beta Program Pricing 

What is Color Q?

Color Q is an award-winning personality profiling system, combining the work of Carl Jung,David Keirsey, the Myers-Briggs community and modern-day brain research.

It is designed to meet the fast-paced needs of individuals and teams when time is of the essence. Vivid and user-friendly, it provides critical insights that lead to immediate results.

My Color Q Caregiver Story

For over 20 years I armed healthcare workers with knowledge of their personality type to help them better their relationships with co-workers, patients, family and friends. When I unexpectedly took on the role of full-time hands-on caregiver I was so glad that I had Color Q to navigate the emotional roller coaster that came with it. Understanding my Blue/Red temperament I drafted a plan (BLUE) to have fun (RED), no matter what. And knowing that I wasn't so good at carrying out routine tasks (GOLD) and expressing emotions (GREEN) I made decisions to grow these dimensions of my character.

My knowledge of Color Q helped me to stave off annoyance at others behaviors - siblings, doctors, vendors - and stay focused on achieving the results I wanted for myself and my care receiver. 

special beta program pricing

Choose Your Color Q Program

 Color Q 4 Caregivers:
 An Introduction Workshop
  CQ, Caregiving & U
  • Learn to Recognize the 4 Primary Sets of Behavior

  • Identify Your Color Q (Initial)

  • Overview of Color Q and Caregiving

  • Includes the 2hr Introductory WorkshopIn

  • 6 Page curated Caregiving and U Report

  • 1 hr Color Q and You 1:1 Debrief and Coaching Session