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  Tanya Staker, MSOD, CCE, CHC

Better Life Coach for Family Caregivers

 Founder, Catapult4Caregivers

Author, 6 Life Hacks for Family Caregivers

Hi, I'm Tanya

Family caregivers come to me because they want to experience their lives fueled - not drained - by caregiving, I'm all about next level self-care! Self-care that is more than a break between caregiving duties; self-care that supports caregivers transforming their lives at a time when most needed.

Over the years, as my mother's health declined, I took on more and more and more until one day I couldn't. I couldn't get up in the morning. I couldn't do my job. I stopped functioning altogether. Six years in I hit rock bottom. If I was to succeed in caring for my aphasic, bed bound mother living with dementia and other co-morbidities, I would need to change.  

For over 20 years working in health care, I helped individuals and client groups achieve goals both personal and professional. When I became a full time, total care family caregiver, I took on myself as a client and used the tools of my profession to turn my life around. I put strategic and change management tools to work and took my life to the next level WHILE caregiving.

Stepping back from the role of care-giver, and honoring its complexity, I charted a new direction for my life. I re-ignited my life and beat burnout. And now I want the same for you. Meet me for coffee or brunch at the Caregivers Thrive Cafe.

See you soon!