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Are You a Family Caregiver?

Ready to Take Your Life Off Hold?


Caregiver burnout is what happens when a caregiver

--steps into a 24/7 decision-making role ill prepared 

-- loses touch with those elements of their life that gave life
  meaning; they've lost their identity 

-- feel guilty because caregiving, for all they do, is not a
  fulfilling life

Recovery from Burnout is a process

  • taking a step back and crafting a new route to long held wants and needs

  •    missing the companionship of your loved one     to become a stronger more formidable you,         preparing for the next phase of life to come. 

  •    using the stress of caregiving - the doctors         appointments, fall, trips to the ED, Covid             complications, siblings not showing up to help


Your Life is Our Focus

While you focus your attention on your care-receiver, we partner with you to keep your live moving towards what you want. What could you be doing for you? Lose weight? Feel fit? Strengthen your mindset Learn to play an instrument?

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Virtual Community

A community of like-minded caregivers, supporting one another in in their lives. Join fellow caregivers for Coffee on Tuesdays, Brunch on Sundays or Dinner on Wednesday. at the Caregivers Thrive Cafe.

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Social Networking, personal and. professional development.

Beat Burnout Today with

Triple Strand Care


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Family Caregiver 101

The Big Picture

The Ultimate Caregiver Task List

Immediate result of having a great massage is a sound sleep. It helps reduce insomnia.

Triple Strand Caregiving

Body massage improves blood circulation in different areas, making your overall healthy

6 Stages of Caregiving Roadmap

6 Life Hacks for Family Caregiver Playbook

Reflect, ReDirect, ReIgnite

6 Life Hacks for Family

Be Your Own Coach and Beat Burnout

6 perspectives on caregiving experience from the caregivers point of of view
6 actions a caregiver can take to shift their emotional state up


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    Tanya Staker, MSOD, CCE, CHC

 Family Caregiver Life Strategist

Founder, Catapult4Caregivers

Hi, I'm Tanya

Family caregivers come to me because they want to experience their lives fueled - not drained - by caregiving, I'm all about next level self-care! Self-care that is more than a break between caregiving duties; self-care that supports caregivers transforming their lives at a time when most needed.

Over the years, as my mother's health declined, I took on more and more and more until one day I couldn't. I couldn't get up in the morning. I couldn't do my job. I stopped functioning altogether. Six years in I hit rock bottom. If I was to succeed in caring for my aphasic, bed bound mother living with dementia and other co-morbidities, I would xxxxx. 

For over 20 years working in health care, I helped individuals and client groups achieve goals both personal and professional. When I became a full time, total care family caregiver, I took on myself as a client and used the tools of my profession to turn my life around. I put strategic and change management tools to work in my life and took my life to the next level WHILE caregiving. Stepping back from the role of care-giver, honoring its complexity I charted a new direction for my life. I re-ignited my life and beat burnout.

I want every family caregiver to have the same opportunity to Re-think, Re-direct and Re-ignite their lives. 

ReFlect, ReDirect, ReIgnite

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